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  • VITA BIRD PLUS ( Product no: 634301645662 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Vitamins and Energy Boosters
  • Pharmaceutical Form: سائل
Composition Each 1 ml contains: Vitamin E 10 mg, Calcium carbonate 25 mg Selenium 10 mcg.
Specifications Selenium is an essential trace mineral important for healthy immune system and fertility for both male and female birds. Selenium is found in a variety of foods, the richest source is brazil nuts, seafood and meats. It can boost fertility and increases longevity. Calcium most of caged birds suffer from lack of calcium compounds which are found in nature as relatively hard minerals such as chalk, limestone, cuttlefish bone, eggshells and oyster shell. The mineral in the body is incorporated in the structure of the bony skeleton. Calcium is also linked to the availability of Vitamin D3. Vitamin E is mostly known for its antioxidant properties. Tocopherol is a form of vitamin E found in most cells of beings. Vitamin E is also a mild blood thinner that can help blood move freely through blood vessels and canals, thereby improving circulation. The beneficial role of vitamin E is the maintenance of sperm and egg qualities. Several studies have demonstrated that vitamin E deficiency causes for birds We found that a moderate amount of vitamin E in poultry diet significantly protects semen/sperm qualities in male birds and egg qualities in female birds via decreasing the lipid per-oxidation of semen/sperms and eggs.
Indications 1. VitaBird Plus boosts sexual stamina and sexual interest in all kind of birds. 2. Prevents or treats sexual dysfunction like sex-depression that may result from hormone imbalances. 3. Oviduct contraction to expel egg outside uterus. It also gives the egg a stronger shells 4. Support bird’s immune system and longevity
Dosage and how to use Canary Birds: put 5 drops in 30ml (1 oz) water tank every day for 4 days. Love Birds: put 6 drops in 30ml (1 oz) water tank daily for 4 days. Parrots and Pigeons: put 5 drops Directe in mouth or 10ml from Vitabird Plus products in 1 litter of water daily for 4 days.
Package 15 ml plastic bottle in a colored carton box.

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