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  • DOXINA PLUS ( Product no: 0634301646027 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Anti-inflammatory
  • Pharmaceutical Form: Coated Tablets
Composition Each tablet contains Doxycycline hydrochloride 10 mg Tylosine tartarate 15 mg Bromoxin Hydrochloride 0.1 mg
Indications The product is used for pigeons and caged birds in the following cases: For prevention and treatment of respiratory and digestive diseases caused by sensitive bacteria to tylosine and / or doxycycline (chronic respiratory disease causing mycoplasma - gastrointestinal inflammation - bird cholera - avian Colibacillosis - chlamydia infection)
Dosage and how to use Pigeons: Two tablets orally on the first day and then one tablet daily for 5 consecutive days. For small birds and canary: 1 tablet in 30 ml of water daily for 5 consecutive days.
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