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  • SINA VIT ( Product no: 0634301645860 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Vitamins and Energy Boosters
  • Pharmaceutical Form: سائل

Each 1 ml contains:

vit A 0.784 mg , vit D 2.24 mg , vit P.P 3.36 mg , vit K 0.0168 mg

vit E 0.28 mg Folic Acid 0.672 mg , vit B2 0.112 mg , copper sulfate 0.224 mg

Menganise sulfate 1.12 mg , Cobalt sulfate 0.0056 mg

vit B1 0.56 mg , vit B6 0.56 mg , vit B12 28 mcg , vit C 11.2 mg

Calcium Panthonite 0.672 mg , Iron 5.6 mg , Amino Acids 16.8 mg .


SinaVit is a quickly dissolvable liquid in hot and cold water contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids needed by domestic animals such as: birds, and pigeons. SinaVit covers all their daily requirements of vitamins, amino acids, and essential salts to prevent father falling and fur in birds, canary, parrot, and pigeons . In addition, animal shedding (time of losing feathers) if it happened more than once a year that indicates a lack of vitamin A, calcium and amino acids. SinaVit helps to compensate lost feathers quickly, prevents bird from becoming depressed and increases sexual activity. Furthermore, SinaVit maintains on chicks’ lives and gives them stronger structures.


-increases animal activity

-prevents animal shedding more than once a year

-increases sexual activity

-maintains on chick's lives and give them a stronger structure

-prevents animal depression

-quickly compensate falling feathers and fur

Dosage and how to use

Canary Birds: place 10 drops in 50 ml water tank every 48 hours.

Love birds: place 15 drops in 50 ml water tank daily for 4 days.

Parrots : Place 30 drops in 50 ml water tank daily for 4 days.

Pigeons: place 10 drops directly into the pigeon’s mouth daily for 4 days.

Package 30 ml white plastic dropper.

Shake the bottle well before each use.

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