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  • VEAGRA BIRD ( Product no: 0634301645822 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Sexual Tonic
  • Pharmaceutical Form: سائل
Composition Each 1 ml contains: 10 mg Mesterollone, 5 mg Vit-B 1, 5 mg Vit-B 6, 10mcg Vit-B 12.
Specifications Misterolon is considered as an artificial androgen hormone, much more safer than other android hormones taken orally, also it is responsible for android growth for all Birds .In addition the presence of vitamin B complex will compensate for the lack of vitamins that is generally in the bird’s body. Veagra Bird will also help with the lack of activity and weakness of movement for birds.
Indications 1. Lack of male sexual potency when Canary birds stop singing. 2. Lack of sperm count which leads to unfertilized eggs and the eggs will not hatch for birds and Pigeons. 3. Canary stops singing due to deficiency of physical activity, psychological reasons, or aging. 4. Veagra Bird accelerates breeding so that chicks start singing and get ready for mating.
Warning Use for male birds only without female which include lovebirds, canary, paradise-birds, parrot and pigeon. Veagra Bird effects appear in the second day of treatment. It depends on the situation of each Birds.
Dosage and how to use Small Birds (ex: lovebirds, canaries, etc): Shake the bottle well and then place 10 drops in the water tank every 48 hours. Parrots : Place 20-30 drops in water tank. It can be used along with VitaBird especially for the older birds to get faster results. Pigeons: It is advised to put 5 drops directly into the mouth of the male pigeon only.
Package Glass Dropper 10 ml inside carton box.