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  • SULFAMYCIN ( Product no: 0634301645563 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Antibiotic and anti-Diarrheal
  • Pharmaceutical Form: Effervescent Tablets
Composition Each tablet contains: 10mg Neomycin Sulfate - 10mg Sulfanilamid 20mg Paracetamol 4.5mg Vitamin B1 - 4.5mg Vitamin B6 - 2mcg Vitamin B12
Specifications Neomycin Sulfate is considers one of the most powerful and wide spectrum antibiotics. it covers all the possitive and negative gram bacterias, in addition to E-coli which causes the intestinal and respiratory infections while the Sulfanilamid affects the bacteria in general especially the bacillus which generally cause diarrhea, also it affects cocci bacterias which cause infections in the respiratory system of the birds. Paracetamol reduces the pain and decreases the fever which gives the bird energy so it will regain its appetite. In addition to Vitamin B complex which gives compensation for the Vitamin deficiency in bird’s body.
Indications Treat chronic and severe flu in birds, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections, chronic and severe diarrhea in all kinds of birds. Sulfamycin treats less active birds and loss of appetite, all skin infections and to treat quick and unusual feather loss in birds.
Dosage and how to use Canary birds: 1 Tab in water tank renewed every day. Lovebirds and parrots: 2 Tabs in the water tank renewed every day.
Package 20 tablets in plastic bottle inside cartoon box