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  • SINA MECTIN ( Product no: 0634301645815 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Anti parasitic
  • Pharmaceutical Form: سائل
Composition Each 1 ml contain 5 mg Ivermectin
Indications To treat internal parasites (worms) and external parasites (lice – tick – ant- insect – fleas) in pigeons, canary birds and domestic animals (dogs – cats).
Side effects • Do not use this medication during breeding of the birds (racing season) • Do not use this medication on young animals under the age of eight weeks • Do not use this medication for other types of birds, which are not mentioned in this leaflet. • Serious reactions have been recorded in the application of this drug on some types of dogs (such as the England dogs) the old type sheep-like as well as some birds. • For humans: Beware of contact this drug with the skin, eyes, mouth, and wash hands with soap after you apply this product on animals. • Repeat using every six month then the animal will be free of parasite.
Dosage and how to use Canary Birds: apply one drop of SINA-MECTIN on the Back of the top neck and under each wing. Pigeons: apply two drops of SINA-MECTIN on the back of the top neck and between the wings (mid back) Before the Breeding or racing of all birds. Domestic Animals: apply 10 drops on the bottom of the neck of the cat or dog and then rubbed it so it does not spill. Repeat it one more time or as directed by veterinary doctor.
Withdrawal Period 14 days starting from the last application of the medication.
Notes • Keep this drug at a temperature less than 25 ºC (77 ºF) and away from light. • Keep this medication out of reach of children.
Package Glass Dropper 10 ml inside carton box.