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  • PEFLOXIN ( Product no: 0634301645839 )
  • Therapeutic Category: Anti-inflammatory
  • Pharmaceutical Form: سائل
Composition Each 1 ml contains 100mg Pefloxacin mesylate
Specifications Pefloxin is a member of quinolone. It is a synthetic antimicrobial agent, belonging to 3rd generation fluoroquinolones. Pefloxin has broad spectrum of activity against most gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and it can be used successfully in a variety of specific infections. Pefloxin is a bactericidal compound. It inhibits bacterial DNA synthesis. Which are needed for the transcription and replication of bacterial DNA.
Indications Pefloxin has been increasingly used as a veterinary medicine to treat microbial infections, especially the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tract.
Side effects Do not use on chicks as long as still in nest.
Dosage and how to use Pigeons: put 5 drops in the mouth of the pigeon daily for two days or 10ml from Vitabird Plus products in 1 litter of water daily for 2 days. birds & Canary: put 3 drops for 30ml of drinking water daily for two days. In case of salmonella infection: use it for five days instead of two days
Package 15 ml white plastic bottle in a colored carton box